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I am Nicole!

If there's one thing I want you to know about me right away, it's that I know what it is to be completely head over heels in love. I think it's such a gift that we have uniquely different stories, yet somehow, love connects us all.

I live in Dallas with my hilarious hockey loving husband. I am positive I look young because he makes me laugh everyday. I cherish the moments of laughter in our apartment. If I could bottle it up, I would. Our love certainly isn't perfect, but it's perfectly ours.

I know with all my being that photography is what I am meant to be doing. My heart tells me so every single day. 

The best is when my clients reveal their love to me just as their family family and friends see it. I am truly inspired by that. I don't want us to be strangers. I want to capture what's in your heart. I hope that while you're looking around here, you'll see and feel what's in mine.

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