“When I am with Nicole, my insecurity goes away, she makes me feel good about myself and comfortable in my skin.”

The best compliment I can receive is to hear someone say, 

That's why I love to show my clients photos throughout the shoot. I want them to know how beautiful they look. Once they do, their confidence skyrockets! I love love and I can't wait to capture your personal adventure.

Hi there! My name is Nicole and I am a photographer based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I got into photography after getting my photos taken. I saw the photographers energy and how she was vibing and I knew that that is what I wanted to do. I have learned so much and obsessed in the most healthy way possible to get to where I am.

I love to make others feel great and beautiful inside and out! I have worked with many different people throughout my journey & I have an eclectic mix of clients. Unfortunately, the vast mass majority of clients are insecure. I love to make others feel great and beautiful inside and out! It's my goal with every single session.

Hey, friends!

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Much love,
 xoxo Nicole

I have been to every National Forest
in the state of Colorado.

I love to meditate before a photoshoot...
it helps me be the best I can be.

I love to collect both coffee mugs and different loose leaf tea.

I have a son I placed up for open adoption who I am in contact with to this day!

I am an absolute sucker for
adorable shih tzus!

a few fun facts


dogs & cats

(my fav!)

All the

(I love the mountains!)






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